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Kunsangar South Gakyil:
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Kunsangar South Development

South Kunsangar is one of Dzoghen Communitys centres, where knowledge of Dzogchen is being developed and anyone can practice and receive teachings.
In the beginning of 2010 a group of responsible people were gathered to commence a project of land development and construction of the main building for practice - Gonpa. In the beginning of April rapid construction has been started and implementation of the project into life has begun.


  • Gonpa 200 sq.m (not finished out yet);
  • Road 1 km long from Goncharnoye village to Gonpa;
  • Bridge across the river and internal parking 1200 sq.m;
  • 750 m long fence around the Gar;
  • Temporary Geko house with terrace and kitchen;
  • Potable water well 10 m deep, water supply system, extension of pipes, septic system construction;
  • Summer toilets and showers.

and also:

  • Special tent 500 sq.m is constructed for allocation of more people around Gonpa and also 2 tents for cafeteria 200 sq.m and technical services 150 sq.m;
  • Landscaping works done, more than 200 trees and bushes are planted;
  • Dogrose bushes are planted along the fence and wind woodland belt along the river;
  • Construction of 300 camping places in the gar;
  • Preliminary works done for plugging 25 kW of electricity.

Apart from building there’s a lot of organizational work done, established connections with local authorities and services, local public entity is registered.

And the most important is that in 2010 the Gar started it’s main function connected with the Teaching: retreats with Chogyal Namkai Norbu and Khyentse Yeshe were held, and also instructors’ Yantra Yoga training and Santi Maha Sangha retreats with I. Berkhin and V. Krachkovsky. During this time the Gar was visited by more than 1500 people.

Currently we are preparing for Rinpoche’s arrival and very intense program of «New 2011 Season».

South Kunsangar is just 1 year old, that’s why we have much work to do.

• Finishing works.
• Selection and mounting of heating system.
• Mounting of electrical and audio appliances.
• Making perimeter walk around the building(600 sq.m).
• Completion inspection by State architectural control bodies.

• Building footpaths in the form of Longsal symbol
• Concrete casting of mandala positions.
• Final planning of the land.
• Planting trees and further greenery works.
• Camping arrangement and making favourable conditions for staying in Gar.

We plan to make office, library, shop, kitchen, dining room and living rooms for Geko and guests in Geko’s house. 

• Designing the building.
• Getting all necessary permissions.
• Initiation of construction.

• Rinpoche’s house construction.
• Building houses for personal retreats.
• Building of 2 Stupas near Gonpa.


Preserving the Teaching is the most important task, and Gar is the place where Teacher comes and opportunity for evolution of the Teaching is created. For completion of all these projects collaboration and personal involvement are needed.  

It could be sponsorship, participation in auction and lottery on the retreat and karma-yoga.

Kunsangar South with love!